Turnkey Base Camps

Our turnkey base camps can be deployed with all of the structures necessary to support military troop accommodations and operations. Base camps can include Alaska Small Structures Systems for billeting troops, the Alaska ECU™ for effective environmental control, shower/latrine facilities, laundry systems, storage containers, and power generation/distribution centers. These turnkey base camp systems allow for rapid deployment of a fully-operational military camp in rugged or undeveloped locations.

Maintenance Facilities

Most military camps will require maintenance facilities to protect vehicles and equipment, store supplies and resources, or support camp operations. Our 30-foot and 40-foot wide shelters are ideal for multipurpose use at mid-to-long-term encampments, while our larger buildings can be made up to 150-feet wide for larger facilities requirements. Alaska Structures Aircraft Hangars are designed to store and allow easy access for airplanes and helicopters, and our TUAV Shelters are optimal command and control facilities for UAV military operations.

Expeditionary Systems

The best-in-class engineering of Alaska Structures’ systems are optimal for foreign military expeditions. The XP Shelter System™ can be rapidly deployed in as little as 10 minutes, and our Tactical Operation centers provide the necessary facilities for effective command and control. Advance ground troops to remote locations with shelter, power, and environmental control using our Xterra™ Shelter System, or support high-altitude combat missions with the specially designed Alaska High Altitude Shelter Systems™.

Medical Facilities

All military installations, from permanent bases to short-term camps, require medical shelters and treatment facilities for combat health and support. Alaska Structures is the U.S. Army and Air Force’s choice for mobile field hospitals and medical facilities. Our systems support all kinds of levels of care, from ward beds and pharmaceutical operations, to Intensive Care and negative pressure isolation centers. The Alaska AMEDD Shelter™ offers rapid deployment of health support systems that meet three out of five echelon medical care levels, while our Alaska Medical Shelter system provides the modular, scalable design that is necessary for versatile Air Force Theater Hospital systems.

Energy Saving Products

All Alaska Structures products are designed for optimal energy efficiency. However, additional energy-saving products are available to further reduce consumption. Alaska EnerLayer® is our proprietary supplemental insulation system, and the Alaska SolarFly™ is made from proprietary solar shade material — both have been tested and proven to significantly reduce energy and power consumption. Our Portable Light Tower offers unmatched energy efficiency in light output for military-grade, portable lighting in remote areas.

ECUs / HVAC Systems

Alaska Structures is the world’s leading provider of energy efficient military environmental control units (ECUs) and HVAC systems. Available in many different sizes and models, the Alaska ECU™ seamlessly integrates with any of our military shelter systems to provide troops in expeditionary environments as well as mid- to long-term deployments an unmatched level of comfort. Alaska ECUs and HVAC systems are designed for quiet operation and can be trailer mounted, skid mounted, or equipped with heavy-duty tires.

Power Systems

Alaska power generation and power distribution systems provide an unmatched level of versatility and scalability. Our power systems are available from 20kW to 320kW and are designed for durability and reliability in extreme weather, offer quiet operation, and feature built-in fuel tanks or can be fueled using bladders for extended run times. A single power distribution system and generator can supply enough power for up to 18 Alaska military shelters. Our power systems meet US National Electric code, International Electric code, and are compatible with 60Hz and 50Hz voltage systems.

Commercial Applications


Alaska Structures® designs and manufactures high-grade fabric building systems for a variety of commercial industries and applications. Our highly durable and portable fabric structures are used as shelters and facilities for oil and gas operations, mining, mineral exploration, arctic exploration and research, industrial warehouse and storage, public works, construction, and aviation. Visit our website for more information.


Our medical division, BLU-MED Response Systems®, is the world’s leading provider of rapidly deployable medical facilities. These facilities can be fully equipped for field hospitals, disaster response, negative pressure isolation, Ebola treatment, mobile morgue, and other critical applications. They are designed for the most rapid deployment anywhere in the world, with the ability to be fully operational in 72 hours or less.