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The Ultimate Solar Shade for Military Shelters

Alaska Structures is the world’s leading provider of military shelter systems and environmental control units (ECU). Since 1999, more than 35,000 military shelters and 20,000 environmental control units have been used by U.S. Forces and foreign militaries around the world. The durability, safety, ease of use, and combat proven effectiveness of our advanced expeditionary shelters and military support systems to withstand prolonged exposure and offer the greatest energy efficiency in extreme environments is unmatched.

Made from a proprietary solar shade material, the Alaska Solar Fly® increases the energy efficient characteristics of our military shelter systems. The additional layer of protection supplied by the Alaska Solar Fly® is a cost-effective solution for reducing the solar load, lowering interior temperatures, protecting military personnel and temperature sensitive equipment, and extending the life of Alaska military shelters. The greatest benefit of the Alaska Solar Fly® is the reduction in power consumption linked with environmental control.

Tested in real world conditions with extreme solar loads, per MIL-HDBK-310 requirements, the Alaska solar shade system decreases ECU power consumption by up to 17%. The Alaska Solar Fly® is an effective solar shade solution for reducing ECU run times as well as reducing the size or number of ECU needed to maintain the same level of comfort.

Available in tan and green colors, the matte finish of the Alaska Solar Fly® is designed to reduce the intensity and brightness of reflected sun light in the field. The Alaska Solar Fly® is constructed of lightweight solar shade material, packs easily for storage and transportation, is re-deployable, and can be installed on any Alaska military shelter system in less than 15 minutes.

The Alaska Solar Fly® is an energy-saving solar shade made in the U.S.A. and is 100% Berry Amendment compliant. The solar shade material of the Alaska Solar Fly® is resistant to flames and moisture absorption, and is engineered to withstand the effects of prolonged sun and ultraviolet exposure.

Military Shelter Systems and Environmental Stewardship

Alaska Structures is continually refining products in an exhaustive effort to develop new and innovative military shelter technologies that provide U.S. Forces and foreign militaries with the most advanced, energy efficient, and re-deployable shelter systems available.

Uniquely situated as the leading provider of military shelter systems used in over 70 countries, we take pride in knowing our ongoing vigilance to honor the safety and comfort of soldiers on the front lines also presents us with an opportunity and responsibility to be wise stewards of the environment.

Our longstanding commitment to service and the environment are grounded in our daily practices to create military shelter systems with the following capabilities:

  • Alaska military shelters are engineered for a 20-year field life in harsh and extreme environments.
  • Minimal or no foundation requirements mean less site preparation.
  • Rapid setup and strike capability enables each Alaska military shelter system to be redeployed.
  • Lightweight and compact design reduces fuel demand and transportation logistics.
  • Versatile design allows Alaska military shelter systems to support a wide range of military operations.
  • Proprietary insulation (Alaska EnerLayer®) and solar shade systems (Alaska Solar Fly®), combined with our heating and cooling systems (Alaska ECU™) provide an energy-efficient solution for maintaining a comfortable interior environment in hot and cold climates.
  • Lean manufacturing processes are used to reduce waste during production. Excess materials produced are recycled.

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