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The Premier 30′ Wide Shelter for Military Operations

The Alaska 30′ Shelter System (AK30 Shelter System) builds upon the success and design of the Alaska Medium Shelter System. Available in standard lengths from 32.5′ to 65′, the AK30 Shelter System can be modified to meet specific operational requirements for any military tactical mission environment. Military operations requiring custom lengths are available.

A 30-foot width and a peak height of 15’ create an unobstructed interior ideal for troop support activities including:

  • Billeting and Sleeping Quarters
  • Tactical Operations Centers, Command and Control (C2) Centers, and Communication Facilities
  • UAV and TUAV Hangars
  • Vehicle Maintenance Systems and Repair Facilities
  • Equipment Storage and Warehouses
  • Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Facilities
  • Classrooms and Training Facilities
  • Dining Facilities (DFAC)
  • Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (RSOI) Maintenance and Storage Facilities.

The Alaska 30’ Shelter System Delivers Unmatched Reliability

The durability and capability of Alaska Structures is unmatched. Over 55,000 shelter systems from Alaska Structures have been successfully deployed to more than 65 countries. No other military shelter provider has the experience or proven track record of serving U.S. Forces and foreign militaries.

The long-term reliability and ability to withstand all types of weather, including snow, rain, hail, and wind, make the Alaska 30’ Shelter System a force to be reckoned with. The single arch, powder-coated, and lightweight aluminum frame not only reduces shipping weight, resists corrosion, but allows for a quick and easy setup. The tensioned heavy-duty mil-spec cover system is designed to deliver superior protection for personnel, supplies, and sensitive electronics and equipment.

The AK30 Shelter System Supports All Deployment Strategies

As U.S. Forces and foreign militaries modernize their capabilities to include expeditionary capabilities, it is important the infrastructure needs of such strategies also be modernized to support mobilization, demobilization, and rapid deployment. The AK30 Shelter System supports all deployment strategies, from expeditionary operations to sustained operations. The modular capability of the Alaska 30’ Shelter System is a key part of force packages and can be tailored to global or specific mission requirements.

The Alaska 30’ Shelter System can be equipped with a wide selection of door and window configurations, as well as lighting and electrical packages, environmental control units (Alaska ECU™), power generation and distribution systems, and flooring systems. Reduce fuel consumption and increase energy efficiency with Alaska EnerLayer® insulation system or the Alaska Solar Fly®. All Alaska military support systems are designed for rapid mobility and deployment to meet the demands of expeditionary warfare and conflict strategies, and integrate seamlessly with Alaska Structures.

Made in the USA, the Alaska 30’ Shelter System is Berry Amendment compliant.

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