Alaska Defense

Alaska Defense, formerly the Military Division of Alaska Structures, is the world’s leading provider of military shelter systems. Our rapidly deployable shelter systems are a superior solution to support the rapid build-up of forces and enhance mission readiness with energy-efficient and scalable solutions that offer unmatched setup and strike capability for expeditionary or enduring deployments.

Alaska Structures®

Alaska Structures® is the commercial division of AKS Industries, Inc., and produces fabric buildings and camp systems used by mining, construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing companies worldwide. WeatherPort®, a brand of Alaska Structures®, makes consumer- and recreational-focused building solutions. Our engineered fabric structures meet area-specific wind and snow loads for safety and long-lasting durability in extremely hot, humid, and cold climates.

BLU-MED Response Systems®

BLU-MED Response Systems® (BLU-MED®) supplies the world’s most popular medical shelters and mobile field hospitals. Used by government agencies (of all levels), response organizations, and first responders, our mobile medical facilities allow communities to quickly respond to medical emergencies, disasters, hospital surge events, disease outbreaks (like Ebola, COVID-19, flu, etc.), and world conflicts “…when and where needed.”®

Quality Taken to Extremes®

AKS Industries, Inc. (formerly Alaska Structures, Inc.) is a private company founded and owned by Richard Hotes, and the parent corporation of Alaska Defense, Alaska Structures®, and BLU-MED Response Systems®. 47+ years of unrivaled success is the result of hard work by dedicated teams focused on providing the highest quality building solutions to customers in more than 85 countries. From humble beginnings, AKS Industries has grown to become the most efficient and largest manufacturer of its kind. In addition to producing the world’s premium fabric buildings, now with nearly 400,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities in the USA, we have the in-house capability to manufacture top-of-the-line heavy-duty cargo trailers, expeditionary light towers, and modular container systems.

Our American-made buildings offer an unmatched level of portability compared to other prefabricated buildings, steel buildings, or buildings made with conventional materials. The soft-wall shelters, engineered fabric buildings, and hard-wall container-based systems from the divisions of AKS Industries are used by hundreds of industries. Popular applications and uses include:

Military Shelters and Military Base Camps:

  • Turnkey Base Camps / Forward Operating Sites (FOS) including:
    • Billeting Facilities
    • Kitchens / Dining Facilities (DFAC)
    • Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Facilities
    • Shower / Latrine Facilities
  • Medical Clinics / Mobile Field Hospitals with Isolation Wards
  • Command and Control (C2) / Tactical Operation Centers (TOC)
  • Hangars / UAV Enclosures

Commercial Buildings and Remote Camp Systems:

  • Mining Camps / Exploration Camps / Construction Camps / Oilfield Camps, including:
    • Modular Buildings for Workforce Housing / Jobsite Offices
    • Dry Facilities / Locker Rooms
    • Dining Halls
  • Core Shacks / Core Storage Facilities
  • Educational Facilities / Modular Classrooms
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Maintenance and Repair Facilities
  • On-Site Warehousing / Storage Buildings
  • Recreational Buildings from WeatherPort® (Event Structures, Luxury Yurts, Heavy-Duty Canopies, Greenhouses, Carports)

Portable Medical Facilities and Mobile Field Hospitals:

  • Level-1 to Level-3 Field Hospitals
  • Alternate Care Sites / Hospital Surge Capacity
  • Emergency Operation Centers
  • Mobile Healthcare Facilities / Mobile Surgical Facilities
  • Mobile Trauma and Wellness Centers
  • Deployable Morgue Systems
  • Disaster and Emergency Relief Shelters
  • Negative Pressure Isolation and Treatment Facilities for Infectious Airborne Diseases (like Ebola, COVID-19, flu, etc.)

In addition to producing the most advanced and widely used portable buildings, AKS Industries also manufactures many of the support systems that enhance the capabilities and comfort of our modular building solutions, including power generation and distribution systems, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, mil-spec HVAC systems, insulation packages, and modular flooring systems.

AKS Industries is ISO 9001:2015 certified and utilizes the latest and lean manufacturing techniques to produce the world’s longest lasting and energy efficient building solutions.

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