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Heavy-Duty Reusable Containers

Alaska Containers are a family of heavy-duty reusable containers engineered to support military deployments and operations around the world. No other reusable container system has been combat tested, has the field experience, nor withstood the number of redeployments as Alaska Containers.

Alaska Containers are part of our full line of mobility and shelter support systems and are available in rotationally molded plastic (roto-mold) and aluminum versions.

Alaska Roto-Mold Containers

Alaska Roto-Mold Containers are designed to provide a water tight, weather resistant and stackable storage solution, capable of holding up to the 2,500 pounds. These durable, reusable roto-molded containers are made in the USA using linear low-density polyethylene with UV stabilization.

At 102” long, 40” wide by 49.5” high, the Alaska Large Roto-Mold Container is uniquely engineered to facilitate the seamless mobility and redeployment of one (1) complete Alaska Small Shelter System. Four (4) Alaska Large Roto-Mold Containers can be stacked to fit on a 463L pallet for shipment anywhere in the world.

Three other sizes of Alaska Roto-Molded Containers are available. Please contact us for details.

Alaska Aluminum Containers

All Alaska Aluminum Containers are made of aircraft grade aluminum and are powder-coated to provide an additional degree of corrosion resistance. Alaska Aluminum Containers include (2) fold-down sides and a removable lid with (2) handles per side making access for loading and unloading quick and effortless.

At 84” long, 104” wide by 48” high, the Alaska Medium Shelter Container is capable of meeting the deployment and redeployment needs of one (1) complete Alaska Medium Shelter System. The Alaska Medium Shelter Container can be stacked (2) high, for a total height of 96”. Forklift pockets located on the side allow for easy maneuvering, loading and unloading.

Other sizes of aluminum containers are available.

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