Alaska 1,000 Watt Portable Light Tower

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Self-Contained Portable LED Light Tower

Alaska Structures® portable light towers provide an unmatched level of energy-efficiency, high light output, power generation and portability in a self-contained system. Made in the USA with military-grade materials for reliability and durability, the Alaska 1,000-Watt Portable Light Tower (1KPLT) is designed to provide portable lighting to remote areas without additional equipment.

LED Lighting Engineered for Efficiency

With a packed cube of less than 1m3, the compact design of the Alaska 1KPLT employs two high lumen LED floodlights, capable of producing 12,034 lumens per light. When shore power is not available, a compact generator provides up to 10 hours of continuous lighting to improve operations at night, productivity, and ensure safety.

Opposable mounts allow each LED fixture to be positioned forward and backward at the same time, providing 360˚ of lighting. A built-in electrical panel includes switches to power each light independently.

Like the Alaska Shelter and Alaska ECU™, the Alaska 1,000-Watt Portable Light Tower is designed for expeditionary missions – able to be setup and operational within minutes, as well as mid-to-long-term deployments in harsh environments around the world. The powder-coated cabinet and anodized aluminum mast resist corrosion. Outriggers and guy rope attachments provide stability in high winds. When not in use, the cabinet provides storage for the mast, lights, outriggers, and heavy-duty wheels for easy ground maneuvering. Forklift pockets allow for easy loading, stacking or unloading of the Alaska 1,000-Watt Portable Light Tower.

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