Alaska High Altitude Shelter System™

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Combat Readiness for High Altitude Military Operations

The Alaska High Altitude Shelter System™ is designed specifically to support high-altitude combat missions. This lightweight expeditionary shelter system provides an unmatched level of protection, portability, and durability for soldiers operating in extreme cold temperatures, high winds, deep snow, intense solar and ultraviolet radiation, and thin air conditions.

Advantages of Alaska’s High Altitude Shelter SystemTM

Capable of being setup in under 10 minutes, the Alaska High Altitude Shelter System is a lightweight version of our combat-proven Alaska XP Shelter System™ allowing military forces to maintain or conduct positional fighting to support a rough line of demarcation along a disputed zone or for light infantry forces to trek a mountainous region and establish base camps from which they patrol or conduct operations.

Superior Protection & Performance at High Elevations

Mountain conflicts are generally classified as low (2,000’ to 5,000’ elevation), medium (from 5,000’ to 11,500’ elevation), and high-altitude mountains (above 11,500’ elevation). A different orientation and force structure is required for high altitude combat. This includes developing new tactics, techniques, procedures and having specifically designed combat support systems for high altitude missions – like the Alaska High Altitude Shelter System to engage in high-altitude theaters.

High Altitude Shelter System Sizes

The Alaska High Altitude Shelter System comes in different widths and lengths. Our 12’ wide x 13’ long x 7’ 6” high model, with the lighting and electrical kit and carry bags, weighs a total of 362 lbs. and packs down to 88” x 29” x 52” (76.8 cubic feet). The low cube and lightweight design of the Alaska High Altitude Shelter System allows for easy transport, relocation and redeployment as mission objectives or locations of conflict change.

What’s Included with Alaska High Altitude Shelter Systems

Each Alaska High Altitude Shelter System comes standard with a free-span and aircraft-grade aluminum frame. All aluminum frame components are powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance. The mil-spec tensioned fabric membrane, which includes the cover and insulated end panels is certified to Mil-PRF-44103D. A one-piece insulation liner system reduces the over-all heating required to maintain a comfortable living and working space. The Alaska High Altitude Shelter System is equipped with insulated windows, stove pipe flange, and a 4’ wide x 7’ high zipper entry. A heavy-duty vinyl floor has a 6” lip which seals to the cover to provide a vector-proof interior to prevent the intrusion of snow, water, dust, insects and rodents from entering the shelter. The included lighting and electrical kit is available in 50 Hz or 60 Hz and includes: (1) power distribution box (PDB), fluorescent or LED lights, receptacle lines, and (1) 50’ power cable to connect to a generator. The Alaska High Altitude Shelter System includes carry bags for all shelter components and ships in a re-usable Alaska Roto-Molded Container.

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