Alaska 40′ Shelter System

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40′ Wide Military Shelter Systems

Engineered for permanent, semi-permanent or expeditionary warfare, the Alaska 40’ Shelter System (AK40 Shelter System) is designed to fulfill medium to large shelter system requirements by providing an unmatched level of mobility, modularity, and scalability in harsh and extreme environments around the world. The multipurpose shelter design of the AK40 Shelter System makes it ideal for fulfilling the roles of a wide range of military applications.

Customizable 40’ Wide Military Shelter Systems

At 40’ wide, a peak of 20’, and available in standard lengths from 30’ to 120’ the AK40 Shelter System can be configured with a comprehensive selection of window and door configurations, lighting and electrical packages, power generation and distribution systems, environmental control units (Alaska ECU™), flooring packages and energy-saving products to meet any mission capability requiring an extensive and unobstructed interior. Custom lengths are available for military operations requiring additional interior space.

The Field-Tested AK40 Shelter System

Combat proven and tested to endure a wind load of 65 MPH and a snow load of 15 PSF – AK40 Shelter Systems offers greater safety and comfort over existing medium to large shelter systems. The single arch, powder-coated and lightweight aluminum frame allows for ease of setup, reduces shipping weight and resists corrosion. The tensioned heavy-duty mil-spec cover system is resistant to all types of weather, creating a weatherproof interior to protect personnel, equipment and supplies.

U.S. and Coalition Forces have deployed the Alaska 40’ Shelter System for a wide range of military applications, including:

  • Command and Control Centers / Command Posts / Tactical Operation Centers
  • Classrooms / Training Facilities
  • Vehicle & Equipment Storage / Warehousing
  • Maintenance & Repair Facilities (Vehicle & Aviation)
  • DFAC, MRW and RSOI Facilities

An optional vehicle exhaust system with flexible hose clamps allows for the safe operation, testing and maintenance of vehicle inside the large shelter system during inclement weather.

As with all Alaska military shelter systems, when the mission objectives have been completed, the AK40 Shelter System can be disassembled and easily relocated or stored until the next mission. Minimal foundation requirements allow the Alaska 40′ Shelter System to be setup on any level surface. The AK40 Shelter System is made in the USA and Berry Amendment Compliant.

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