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How the Air Force Basic Training Program Is Adjusting to the Coronavirus Pandemic

A recent article on Defense News provided insight into how the U.S. Air Force prepared and continues to carry out recruiting and training during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper, “The basic military training mission remains absolutely vital to renew our air and space forces and underwrites our ability to

13 Countries Gather for UNITAS LX (60th Edition) – a Multinational Maritime Exercise in Brazil

Militaries from 13 nations are participating in the world’s longest-running multinational maritime exercise. Established in 1959 and conducted annually, UNITAS LX (60) focuses on strengthening security and regional maritime partnerships through the exchange of mission-focused knowledge and expertise.

A Mass Casualty Exercise for the 121st Combat Support Hospital

A mass casualty exercise tested the response capability of the 121st Combat Support Hospital at Camp Humphreys, South Korea. A dozen soldiers were inflicted with a wide range of mock casualties, arrived by ambulances and were sent to a triage site or the emergency room of the field hospital.

Focused on Readiness: U.S. Army Europe Deploys 1,000-Person Turnkey Base Camp in Poland

Powidz, Poland – a small village town with a population of 1,000 is set to experience a population explosion with the delivery of more than a brigade’s worth of military vehicles, equipment, artillery and personnel. The planning and execution of the force growth is part of a continued collaborative deterrence and defense effort led by

Military Shelters from Alaska Structures used in Saber Strike 2017 Exercise

This month, 20 NATO nations joined forces to participate in the “Saber Strike 2017” training exercise organized by U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR). The month-long exercise is an annual event designed to help facilitate cooperation between the U.S., Allied and Partner nations including Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Lithuania, as well as to deter aggression throughout

The 5 Largest Military Bases in the World by Population

Not surprisingly, the largest military bases in the world belong to the United States. These expansive military camps support populations of tens of thousands of soldiers, personnel, and their

Tensile Fabric Medical Systems for the U.S. Army and Air Force

An important aspect of an efficiently operating military basecamp is its medical treatment facilities. Ill, injured, and wounded servicemen and women

U.S. Marines Can Benefit from Highly-Portable Fabric Buildings

In combat zones, the security and safety of a military base is of extreme importance. However, since many of these bases are not permanent, and

Alaska Structures Replaces All Drash Tents For 7th MSC

Soldiers from the U.S. Army’s 7th Mission Support Command (MSC) at Panzer Kaserne in Germany are replacing their DRASH military tents with rapidly

The Evolution and History of Military Tents in the U.S.

Militaries around the world have used tents for shelter and protection since ancient times. The smallest unit of a Roman legion was a contubernium, or tent

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