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Single Metal Bed for Military Shelters

The Alaska Twin Bed includes a heavy-duty metal bed frame and a 5-inch, single-layer foam mattress. This single metal bed is engineered to provide superior durability in rugged environments and withstand the rigors of daily soldier use. The Alaska Twin Bed is easy to assemble, packs flat for transporting or storage, and is used to support expeditionary deployment strategies or enduring military operations.

The rigid metal bed frame is made of 16-gauge steel with a black powder-coated finish. The Alaska Twin Bed is capable of supporting persons up to 400-pounds (181.4 kg). With 22” of clearance under the bed, there is plenty of room to store ruck sacks, A/B Bags, and personal belongings. The 5-inch, single-foam layer mattress provides soldiers with a comfortable military bed solution while deployed. A bed bug resistance and fire-resistant casing made with Kevlar® thread offers a higher degree of safety compared to traditional spring mattresses. The Alaska Twin Bed kit also includes a fitted linen mattress cover.

The Alaska Twin Bed seamlessly integrates with any Alaska Shelter System, as well as shelter solutions from other providers.


Unmatched Production Capability

The Alaska Twin Bed and 5-inch Foam Mattress are the only Berry Compliant twin bed kit for military shelters that are proudly manufactured in the USA. Our unmatched and in-house production capability allows us to produce 300+ beds a day!


Military Beds and Bunk Beds for any Application

The Alaska Twin Bed is designed to support all aspects of military operations (billeting, barracks beds, military housing, etc.), as well as beds for emergency housing, transitional housing facilities, and immigration processing centers.

Need military bunk beds? The Alaska Twin Bed can be ordered with an optional bunk bed adapter that allows it to convert to a bunk bed quickly.


Alaska Twin Bed Specifications

Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame

Length: 75” (1905 mm)
Width: 39” (991 mm)
Height: 36” (914 mm)
Clearance Under Deck: 22” (559 mm)
Weight: 76 lb. (34.5 kg)

Foam Mattress, Berry Compliant

Length: 75” (1905 mm)
Width: 39” (991 mm)
Height: 5” (127 mm)


A Better Military Bed for Enduring Base Camps

When it comes to promoting operational readiness, nothing is more important than soldiers getting a good night’s sleep. The ability to make decisions quickly, remain alert, and be situationally aware under any circumstance are vital factors for soldier performance and safety. The Alaska Twin Bed directly enhances readiness.

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