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Power Generation & Distribution Systems

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Portable Power Systems For Remote Military Operations

Alaska Structures® portable power generation and distribution systems are battlefield proven, state-of-the–art, high voltage and low voltage systems especially designed to meet all the power needs of today’s advanced military. Alaska is the industry leader in providing, distributing, managing, and conserving power to benefit field operations and is the choice of U.S. Forces and foreign militaries. Since 1999, over 35,000 Alaska military shelters have been used in over 70 countries around the world.

Engineered Power Generation and Distribution

Just like our rugged military shelters and ECU (environmental control units), our power generation and distribution systems are ideal for expeditionary short-term to long-term deployments. Specifically designed and engineered for durability and reliability in extreme weather and unforgiving locations, we provide warfighters with reliable prime power and back-up power solutions.

System Features & Functionality

Utilizing robust functionality and user-friendly controls, Alaska power generation systems feature built-in fuel tanks or can be attached to fuel bladders for extended run times. Our generators can be scaled in output capacity from 20 kW to 320 kW and feature insulated enclosures for quiet operation.

Mobile Power & Distribution Options

Need a mobile power solution? Choose a rugged trailer mounted or skid mounted generator capable of being forklifted from all four sides. For smaller generators we provide cart options with heavy-duty tires and convenient tow handle.

Systems Engineered for Versatility & Scalablity

Today’s military customer demands versatility and scalability. Alaska meets both these demands – providing power distribution systems that are not only easily deployed or redeployed, but can be reconfigured to the specific power need of the military operation. Our systems meet US National Electric code, International Electric code, are compatible with US and EU voltage systems (60 Hz and 50 Hz configurations). A single Alaska Power Distribution System can supply power for up to (18) Alaska 20’ x 32.5’ Shelters off of one generator.

Choosing A Power & Distribution System

Choose from standard power generation and distribution packages or customize a power solution to fit your specific base camp needs. Alaska power generation and distribution systems are the most trusted and reliable power systems on the military market – providing peak power, in extreme heat conditions at high elevations, when and where it is needed.

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